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The faculty of the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech are committed to preparing students for success in professions that include formal and non-formal teaching and learning in agriculture, as well as skills for leading agricultural organizations and communities. 

Thomas G. Archibald

Associate Professor, Graduate Programs Director

Austin Council

Instructor & Coordinator, Leadership and Social Change Minor

Loy Van Crowder


Tiffany Drape

Assistant Professor

Curtis R. Friedel
Associate Professor, Director, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving

Eric K. Kaufman

Professor and Associate Department Head

Christian Mariger


Garland Mason

AgrAbility Virginia Coordinator

Brett Milliken

Associate Professor

Kim L. Niewolny

Associate Professor, Director, Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program

Director, Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation


Richard Rateau

Assistant Professor


Rick Rudd

Professor and Community Viability Chair, 

Director, Workforce Education and Development; Center for International Research Education and Development


Tracy Rutherford

Professor and Department Head


Hannah H. Scherer

Associate Professor, Extension Specialist


Megan M. Seibel

Director, Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR)

Associate Director, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (CCPS)

Hannah M. Sunderman

Assistant Professor


Katie Trozzo

Program Associate


Crystal Tyler-Mackey

Extension Leader, Inclusion and Diversity


Karen Vines

Assistant Professor, Continuing Professional Education Specialist


Jerald Walz

Collegiate Assistant Professor


Donna Westfall-Rudd

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Programs Director