The Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education is a social science unit in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech dedicated to advancing the priorities of the university and the college through applied social sciences, emphasizing teaching and learning in agriculture, leadership and social change, and community education and development Learn more about ALCE.


Our warmest congratulations to the ALCE  Spring 2021 graduates!  Reach for the stars!  

Graduate:  Mrs. Jamie Cowell-Lucero (Masters), Subrato Kuri (Ph.D.)

Undergraduate:  Chase Berry (Cum Laude), Kate Campbell, Joe D’Amato, Sara Deason (Cum Laude), Tabb French, Hunter Hilbert (Magna Cum Laude), Jacob Hodges, Jesse Hudgins, Annaliese Jenkins (Magna Cum Laude), Tyler Johnson, Evan Lineweaver (Cum Laude), Liv Lininger (Cum Laude), Emily Nolen, Justin Petrie (Summa Cum Laude), Maddie Planinsek,

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