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Megan Seibel

Director, Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR)
  • Director and Co-Founder, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (CCPS)
175 West Campus Dr.
Mail Code 0343
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Dr. Megan Seibel is the inaugural director of the VALOR Program at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to fostering leadership and capacity building for Virginia’s largest private industries.  As an Extension Specialist, Dr. Seibel offers experiential program content around leadership best practices in education, workplace, and grassroots organizational settings and leads training content around facilitation and strategic planning.  She promotes stakeholder development and advocacy as outcomes of decision-making and problem-solving leadership around complex issues.

Dr. Seibel is the Associate Director and Co-Founder for the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (CCPS) at Virginia Tech and an Associate Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre in the U.K.  Dr. Seibel utilizes the KAI with coaching of educational supervisors, practitioners, community leaders, and student organizations to enhance effectiveness in program and service delivery.  

Between October 2016 and January 2018, Dr. Seibel took administrative leave from the university to serve as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry in Governor McAuliffe’s administration, where she oversaw industry studies and development of proposed policy for the secretariat, while supporting food and health related initiatives.  She is a graduate of the Virginia Executive Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Her background and expertise in healthcare, career and technical education, and outreach educational programming invigorate her passion for community development and considering complex issues that incorporate all three of these paradigms.  A co-author on numerous publications related to leadership and community programs, Dr. Seibel uses scholarship as a way to bring ideas to life through practical application.   

 Megan received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from James Madison University, her Master of Science in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Extension Education from Virginia Tech.


Ph.D., Agricultural and Extension Education, 2012
Virginia Tech

M.S., Career and Technical Education, 2007
Virginia Tech

B.S.N., Nursing, 1996
James Madison University


Awards and Recognition

  • Outstanding Research Paper, American Association for Agricultural Education (2018)
  • Distinguished Team, Epsilon Sigma Phi Alpha Gamma Chapter (2018)
  • Excellence in Teen Programming, VAE4-HA (2018)
  • Leadership Alumni Award, Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, Virginia Tech (2018)
  • Fellow, Virginia Executive Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University (2017)
  • Distinguished Innovative Practice Poster, Association of Leadership Educators (2016)
  • Eisenhower Fellow, Agriculture, USA Alternate Fellow (2015)
  • Nominee, 100 Fresh Perspectives, National Farm Credit Foundation (2015)
  • Farm Mom of the Year, Southeast Region, America’s Farmers (2015)
  • Outstanding Post-Secondary Adult Program (VALOR), National Association of Agricultural Education (2015)
  • Outstanding Post-Secondary Adult Program (VALOR), Virginia Association of Agricultural Education (2015)
  • Outstanding Practice Paper, International Leadership Association (2013).
  • Honorary American FFA Degree (2013)
  • Outstanding Dissertation, Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, Virginia Tech (2013)
  • Warren Beach Award for Exemplary Lifetime service to Young Farmers (2012)

Administrative Positions

  • Director, VALOR
  • Associate Director, Center for Cooperative Problem Solving
  • Extension Specialist, Leadership and Decision Making


Professional Affiliations

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers – VCE project coordinator
  • Facilitation course series – VCE project coordinator
  • 3rd party facilitator for state, regional, and national stakeholder partners’ strategic formation and planning efforts
  • Associate Fellow, Occupational Research Centre
  • Advanced KAI Practitioner and Certification Course instructor

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Serving as the inaugural director of the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) Program provides an opportunity to utilize my formal background in experiential teaching and learning issues and adult education, and non-formal background in social community development and leadership to maximize opportunities in Virginia for developing the strong leaders and collaborative partnerships necessary for the optimal future of our agricultural industry. The variety of grants with which I have worked, coupled with research initiatives in formal and non-formal settings have resulted in building collaborative partnerships at multiple levels. This experience with stakeholders at both funding and delivery ends of the spectrum has contributed to the skills necessary for translational research and the essence of bringing organizational research to the public. Working with an advisory group and alumni offers an exciting opportunity to impact all aspects of the program and I particularly look forward to serving as a liaison between the college and industry.  I am a member of a variety of private industry boards and organizations and look forward to continued opportunities to engage the strong networks in our commonwealth’s largest industry areas.


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