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Undergraduate Research

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Investigate an area of agriculture and the life sciences related to humans with mentoring and guidance from faculty in ALCE. Topics can include or be related to:

  • Equity & inclusion in agriculture
  • Education & evaluation in agriculture
  • Another topic agreed on in agriculture & social science               

Research is a great way to learn more about a topic, investigate a question, and explore if research could make a great career choice for your future. You will learn not only learn more about your topic, but also the research process which includes:

Professional skill development Regular & clear communicaiton
Weekly team meetings Accountability to deadlines
A willingness to learn and be challenged Active participation in project management
Professional submissions to conferences Research manuscript development

To get connected to undergraduate research:

  1. Check out our faculty web pages and see who is doing research that sounds interesting to you.
  2. Email a faculty member you think you might want to work with on an undergraduate research project.
  3. Visit VT's Office of the Undergraduate Research.
        4.    Research opportunities can be credited or paid