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Textbook Released: The Art and Science of Teaching Agriculture

Introducing a new, freely available open textbook: The Art and Science of Teaching Agriculture: Four Keys to Dynamic Learning, edited by M. Susie Whittington, Rick Rudd, and Jack Elliot.

The Art and Science of Teaching Agriculture is a 240-page methods-of-teaching book. Specifically, it is a collection of thoughts, best practices, strategies, and techniques for planning, delivering, and assessing teaching and learning. This resource is assembled from among the best teaching professors in agricultural communication, education, and leadership in America. The authors offer the opportunity to build confidence in planning, delivering, and assessing the depths of the variables inherent in learning for secondary and postsecondary educators in both formal and nonformal educational environments. Readers will quickly grasp the four fundamental keys of solid, basic, time-tested formal and nonformal teaching. These keys are shared with you through the unique voices of the authors to provide a multiperspective approach to teaching.

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Key #1: Laying the Foundation
1. The Discipline of Agricultural Education
2. Psychology of Learning
3. Principles of Teaching and Learning
Key#2: Connecting with Students
4. Learning as Problem Solving
5. Inclusive Teaching
6. Dynamics of Teaching
Key #3: Designing Instruction
7. Planning for Effective Instruction
8. Delivering Content With Technology
9. Assessing Agricultural Education
Key #4: Applying Learning
10. Applied Leadership Development through FFA
11. Supervised Agricultural Experiences
12. Effective Use of the Agriculture Laboratory Environment to Support Student Learning

Considering or adopting this textbook? Let us know by filling out this short adoption form:

Contributing authors include: Tiffany Drape, Paula Faulkner, Laura L. Greenhaw, Carla Jagger, Matt Mars,  O.P. McCubbins, Aaron J. McKim, Summer Odom, Tobin Redwine, Amber H. Rice, Eric Rubenstein, Hannah H. Scherer, Kasee L.  Smith, Annie Specht,  Stacy K. Vincent, Hui-Hui Wang, Wendy  Warner, and Donna Westfall-Rudd. 

Forward by Marla Marsh and Monica Marsh. 

Suggested citation: Whittington, M. Susie, Rick Rudd, and Jack Elliot, ed. (2023). The Art and Science of Teaching Agriculture: Four Keys to Dynamic Learning. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education. Licensed with CC BY NC 4.0.