The department offers several undergraduate and graduate courses that emphasize academic programs in the area of teaching and learning. At the graduate level, we coordinate degree programs offered both at the Blacksburg campus and online.

Example courses offered by the department include:

ALCE 5074  Foundations in Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education

The history and philosophy of agricultural education and Cooperative Extension along with the interrelationship of the two, including a common heritage. Leaders of both agencies, along with their philosophies, are discussed.

ALCE 5044  Program and Curriculum Design in Agricultural and Extension Education

Methods involved in the organization, management, and evaluation of programs and curricula for agricultural education and Cooperative Extension.

ALCE 4244  Teaching and Training Methods in Agricultural and Life Sciences

Survey of strategies for design, implementation, and evaluation of instruction and training practices in agricultural life sciences. Applications of principles in formal and non-formal educational settings, including schools, extension, and industry).

Teaching and Learning Theory

The course is designed to introduce the preservice teacher to the learner and the learning process as negotiated within a career and technical classroom. The roles of career and technical educators and students in the learning process and the impact of the interactive classroom environment on learning are examined.

Developmental theories (cognitive, psychosocial, and moral), their cultural and sociopolitical influences, and the implications of these theories and their influences for education are reviewed. Major theories concerning the learning process and their implications for the instructional process are also examined.


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