The department’s efforts in leadership and service emphasize self-leadership development, organizational leadership, and community leadership.  As we explore opportunities for leadership development, we focus on identifying best practices and contextual elements to contribute to program effectiveness.  Examples of the department’s efforts related to discovery in the area of leadership and service include the following:

Leading Ag to a Promising Future

Faculty and graduate students in the department have engaged Virginia’s agricultural community in focus group sessions and surveys, exploring the prospects for a comprehensive agricultural leadership program.  The model that is being investigated parallels that of other state programs associated with the International Association of Programs for Agricultural Leadership.  Surveys with senior leaders of Virginia’s agricultural associations and commodity groups indicate that more than 90 percent believe more leadership development is needed beyond current opportunities.  Focus group findings indicate that the ideal program would focus on three areas: 

  • Knowledge of the changing industry
  • Relationship-building across industry sectors
  • Practical, transferable skill development

The skill areas of interest include creative problem solving, political advocacy, and communication.

Goal-setting for Strengths-based Leadership Development

Research on strengths-based leadership suggests one key to becoming a more effective leader is to know and invest in personal strengths.  As we consider the prospects for this development among college students and young professionals, it is important to explore the power of goal-setting as a tool for leadership development

The department’s research in this area has begun by exploring the areas of talent that students naturally bring to the college experience.  Those areas of talent serve as a launching point for development.  We are now exploring whether goal-setting during college first-year experience programs influences students’ growth toward more effective leadership.

Leadership and Social Change Mission Areas