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Hannah M. Sunderman

Assistant Professor
175 West Campus Dr.
MC 0343
2435 Litton-Reaves Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Ph.D., Human Sciences and Leadership, 2020, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

M.S., Leadership Education, 2018, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

B.A., Psychology, 2016, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Kirton's Adaption-Innovation (KAI) Certified Practitioner

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator

  • Distinguished Practice Paper – “Transforming the leadership education undergraduate advising process: Incorporating growth mindset and design thinking” 2022, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Outstanding Research Paper Award – “Leadership identity development, meaning-making, and the intersection of marginalized social identities: A scoping review” 2022, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Outstanding Practice Paper Award – “Building a training and development intervention for peer leaders: Consideration vs. structure” 2022, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Outstanding Research Poster – “Developing college student leaders through team effectiveness and leader behavior” 2022, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Distinguished Research Poster – “Exploring the Influence of Meaning-Making Experiences on Leader Identity Development through Narrative Storytelling” 2022, Association of Leadership Educators
  • First Runner- Up for Best Session –Letting Students Lead the Way: Implementing Growth Mindset and Design Thinking into Undergraduate Academic Advising” 2022, Academic Advising Association
  • Mortar Board Professor of the Month 2021, Mortar Board
  • Distinguished Research Methods Workshop –Overcoming statistics anxiety: Understanding advanced quantitative statistics for leadership educators” 2021, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Distinguished Research Methods Workshop –How do we know if anything changed? Using degree-of-change methodology to improve leadership research and program evaluation” 2021, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Outstanding Practice Poster Award –Fostering growth mindset and design thinking in undergraduate advising: Presenting and evaluating a manual” 2021, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Top Five Research Paper - “The Influence of Being a Mentor on Leadership Development: Recommendations for Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences” 2020, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Founding Mothers’ Student Scholar 2019, Association of Leadership Educators
  • Top Three Workshop - “Exploring the Applicability of Academic Advising Through a Lens of Leadership and Mindset” 2018, Academic Advising Association

Dr. Sunderman’s research is centered on leader/leadership development and intervention assessment, seeking to answer the question: What processes and experiences (e.g., being a mentor or mentee, formal leadership positions) affect leader/leadership development and why? Dr. Sunderman’s emerging research focuses on the intersection of leader/leadership identity development and meaning making with an emphasis on leadership identity as a social identity.


  • ALCE 3634: Communicating Ag and Life Sciences in Speaking 
  • ALCE 2014: Principles of Peer Leadership
  • Additional courses taught: Foundations Of Leadership Theory, Dynamics Of Effective Leadership In Groups And Teams, Interpersonal Skills For Leadership

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