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VCE Faculty Leadership Program Graduates Inaugural Class

VCE Faculty Leadership Develpment Inaugural Class - 2019 From left to right: Nicole Shuman, April Payne, Bruce Jones, Scott Greiner, Tonya Price, Jeannie Layton-Dudding, Kelli Scott, Tara Brent, Dan Goerlich, John Freeborn, John Ignosh, Ruth Wallace, and Jennifer Bowen, and Kim Butterfield (not pictured)

CALS recently graduated the inaugural class of participants in the VCE Faculty Leadership Development Program.

The course included six sessions, stretched across 12 weeks, and was designed to enhance VCE faculty leadership competencies. The cohort unanimously agreed that they all gained some fresh new perspectives and insights, and useful tools and techniques that will increase their community, programmatic, administrative, and/or volunteer leadership effectiveness and better prepare them for future leadership opportunities. Through the input of the cohort, the course facilitators also learned some things that they can do differently to make the course even stronger for the second cohort.

Look for information about the next course offering soon or ask any of the participants or facilitators.  

Course Facilitators: