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The Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech is committed to preparing students for success in professions that include formal and non-formal teaching and learning in agriculture, as well as skills for leading agricultural organizations and communities. 

Our undergraduate degree in agricultural sciences is a unique program that allows students to work with a faculty advisor to experience an interdisciplinary program of study designed to address the growing needs of today’s evolving agricultural and food systems.  This includes preparation for a variety of employment opportunities. The major complements and supports several new innovative minors on campus, including leadership and social change, and civic agriculture and food systems. This degree can prepare students for entry into many exciting career fields, or it can be used as an excellent pathway to enter and excel in graduate and professional programs.

Graduate degrees in the department are grounded in a personal relationship between student and advisor. Completing a graduate degree in agricultural, leadership, and community education at Virginia Tech will give students a distinct advantage in the job market as well-prepared professionals.

Our Leadership and Social Change minor is designed to give students a head start in attaining leadership positions as young professionals.  Not only do students learn the basics of leadership theory and practice, but they apply leadership concepts in a experiential environment so the leadership lessons “stick” and are there to draw on in a future career.

We hope that you continue to explore our department on the web, by talking to people, and most importantly, through personal contact with us.

We look forward to discussing your future as a student in agricultural, leadership and community education at Virginia Tech!

Department News

  • Martin Sebit on Facebook

        Martin Sebit
  • Welcome to Lane Woodward

        Lane Woodward

    Lane joined ALCE in December and has been very busy traveling around the state.  She comes to the Virginia FFA position with 10 years of teaching experience that includes working in both Georgia and Florida.  Ms. Woodward received her BS and MS from the University of Georgia.  While teaching in Florida she served as the regional/district FFA advisor and was the president-elect for the Florida Association for Agricultural Education.

  • VT Annual Report highlights ALCE program

    The Virginia Beginning Farmer Program is the first beginning farmer learning network in Virginia and is highlighted in the recently released 2014 Agency 229 Annual Report.

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