The Center for Cooperative Problem Solving is honored to collaborate with the KAI Distribution Centre, and Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education to offer KAI Certification Courses and Advanced Workshops. Currently, KAI Certification and related continuing education is only offered through Virginia Tech. Individuals from around the world complete the course to improve their work as:

  •  HR Managers
  • Company Directors
  • Operational Managers
  • Internal and External Business Consultants
  • Academics in the fields of business, psychology, sociology, education and technology
  • Engineers and Product Developers
  • Trainers
  • Counsellors in education, medicine and other caring professions
  • Mediators or Negotiators
  • Project Managers

The KAI Certification Course covers aspects of problem solving and creativity as it relates to the individual, working in teams, and leading change. The KAI is based on Adaption-Innovation (A-I) theory, which is the only known theory able to explain how a measurable characteristic of an individual’s personality (problem-solving style) is connected to the science of teams and preferences for leading change.

The Certification Course and Advanced Workshop instructors are Drs. Priscilla Wolfe, Megan Seibel, and Curt Friedel. If you are interested in scheduling an in-house KAI Certification Course for your organization, please email Curt Friedel at  To register for our next KAI Certification Course, please visit our registration page hosted by Continuing and Professional Education, Virginia Tech at