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Individuals associated with the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving are working to advance the teaching, research, and outreach of Adaption-Innovation (A-I) theory and the corresponding Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI).

The hallmark of A-I theory is that a measurable characteristic of an individual’s personality (problem-solving style) is connected to a problem-solving preference towards the management of change. According to A-I theory, people are either more adaptive or more innovative in how they solve problems. More specifically, A-I theory illustrates that individuals fall somewhere on a problem-solving style continuum ranging from extremely adaptive to extremely innovative. Part of the utility power of A-I theory is that problem-solving style (as measured by the KAI) has been found to be independent of culture, ethnicity, intelligence, motivation, and other measures of capacity. Problem-solving style is innate and does not change as one matures; all of which makes A-I theory useful for identifying and addressing functional challenges in which people, teams, organizations, and communities are facing problems to solve!

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