Mr. Lawrence will present results from his research at the biweekly forum of the VT PREP / IMSD / Carver meeting on September 27th.  The event will be held in 1810 Litton-Reaves Hall, 12:15 - 1:15.  The presentation, Keys to Inclusive Teaching Practices in Agricultural Education:  Benefits and Barriers to Diversity Inclusion, will focus on the importance of inclusion in Agricultural Ecucation through various methodologies, past experiences as an agriculture teacher, and ways to ensure that a classroom can be inclusive. 

How do we develop inclusive classroom environments that welcome all students? With ever-increasing diversity in local communities, we have an opportunity to encourage a broader population of individuals to engage in the agriculture industry. This engagement will only occur if individuals feel safe and welcome in our programs. Along with efforts to be inclusive of all individuals, teachers have an opportunity to mentor and become role models to students through effective teaching and leadership practices. By creating a classroom environment in which diversity and inclusion is encouraged we will be a driving force towards recruitment and retention within all of agriculture. In this presentation we will model inclusive teaching practices as we address these challenges together.
1.  Describe inclusivity and diversity in the context of agricultural education.
2.  Discuss challenges of acknowledging different identities and cultures within the agriculture classroom.
3.  Recognizing and addressing microaggressions in the classroom.